Welcome to our Raw feeding Resources page. We understand how overwhelming it might be to start your pet onto a raw diet or even to know what you should be feeding, so we have dedicated a page specifically for you. Here you will find valuable information on raw feeding, the dangers of feeding kibble and how to transition your pet onto raw.

We have included some FREE downloads to guide you on the pet nutrition journey. We are here to assist you as the pet parent so do not hesitate to contact us if you need specific advice or support.


Why is your pet’s nutrition so important?

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Itchy pets?

Did you know that itchy skin is not normal in pets? It is usually caused by the incorrect diet and an imbalance in omega 3 and 6s. Most of our clients have seen massive reduction in their pets’ itchy skin by simply switching to raw, for others they require more specialised nutritional intervention which we can cover in our consultations.

We have put together some amazing info to assist you to reduce your pet’s itch in just 14 days no matter what you feed [First prize is going raw as this will have the best results].

‘DITCH THAT ITCH’ is a practical eBook designed to give you valuable information to assist your pet and includes recipes for specific supplements that you can add to your pet’s bowl today.

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DIY Raw feeding guides

We absolutely love that there are parents out there that want to prepare their own meals or start off with adding some fresh foods to their pet’s bowl. This does come with the need to understand pet nutrition and what goes into balancing a diet correctly. Unfortunately, there are more parents doing it wrong than right and for this reason we have designed our raw feeding guides.

These are simple, practical and visual infographic 1 PAGE guides that show you what cuts of meat, organ and bones to include as well as other supplements. They can be printed and stuck onto the fridge for ease of use and can be referred to when needed.

The supplemental raw feeding guide is for those parents that want to add some fresh to their current foods. It is a budget friendly option and very popular. Email us to:

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The full raw feeding guide is for those parents that are prepping their own meals at home without the addition of commercial foods. Email us to:

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The dangers of feeding commercial pet foods

For those that want to learn more about why kibble/Dry food is not ideal for pets I suggest watching a documentary called PET FOOLED. It is available on YouTube and Netflix and is an eye opener to what really goes into that bag of commercial pet food.

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Websites for more specific info:

  • Feline nutrition – www.catinfo.org Dr. Pierson is a specialist feline veterinarian and she advocates for raw feeding.
  • www.truthaboutpetfood.com Susan Thixton is a pet parent that lost her dog due to an ingredient in dry foods. She has since become an advocate for changing the laws around the manufacturing of pet food and ingredients used.




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