Every pet should be on a probiotic as it ensures optimum gut health, digestion and promotes immunity. We recommend natural options as these are gentle on the tummy.

Most synthetic pet probiotics contain sugar and other non-species appropriate ingredients which can aggravate the gut.

We stock milk kefir and fermented vegetables as these are some of the best options to feed and provides much needed gut diversity.


Milk Kefir

This is a fermented milk made from fresh pasteurised or raw cow or goat’s milk.

The lactobacillus bacteria in the kefir reduces the lactose content.

Our kefir is made for human consumption so the entire family can benefit from it.

 Pack size: 150ml, 250ml

Fermented Vegetables

Vegetables that are fermented under the right conditions will yield good pre and probiotic properties for the body. They can also serve as the vegetable component of meals for dogs.

We use seasonal vegetables, with a base of white cabbage and opt for a 3-5 day fermentation.  Our fermented vegetables are available once a month so be sure to place your order in advance.

Pack size: 250ml

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