We pride ourselves in staying true to the ancestral nature and biology of your companion carnivore and thus only produce Prey Model Raw diets. Our premade meals comprise of 80% muscle meat, 10% bone and 10% organ with added supplements to ensure it is correctly balanced.

Production of our delicious pet food is under very strict hygiene conditions and we ensure traceability of every batch produced. All our batches are mixed and meticulously packed by hand to ensure attention to detail.

Our product is registered with the Department of Agriculture under Act 36/1947 as a complete and balanced meal for dogs and cats.  We conduct nutritional analysis and microbiological testing of our product through a third part laboratory.

You are welcome to serve our food as the sole food source or as an addition to the current diet.

How to feed?

Our food is sold in 1kg or 500g packs. To feed, simply defrost in the fridge overnight and decant into smaller containers for refreezing or feeding as required.

Cats specifically will not eat the food cold. You can ‘warm’ the food by placing the container/packet in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes.

Do not cook or microwave this food.

How much to feed?

We recommend feeding between 3-5% of your pet’s IDEAL body weight per day. Raw food is inherently low GI and will keep your pet fuller for longer as it is very high in protein with no added carbohydrates.

Portions may look small but keep in mind that it is not the amount of food that is important but rather the amount of bio-available nutrients that are readily metabolised.

Suggested feeding frequency

Dogs = Minimum 2 meals per day

Cats = Minimum 3 meals per day

Keep meals 6-8 hours apart to ensure optimum digestion.

How to order?

Orders can be placed via email, WhatsApp or telephone for your convenience. Payment is via EFT upon receipt of your invoice.


You can get our delicious pet food through the following channels

  • Get your pet’s food delivered to your door twice a month. Contact Magali on magalinael@gmail.com or 073 446 2140 for orders and delivery.
  • Loafers Low Carb Superstore in Umhlanga Rocks Drive stocks our product at their store for your convenience.
  • You can collect your order directly from our factory in Ballito by appointment only. Factory collections qualify for a discounted rate for bulk orders. T&Cs apply.


  • We are able to airfreight to the nearest airport for same day delivery. You would need to collect from the airport and shipping costs will be for your account.

We are in the process of onboarding stockists in CPT and JHB.

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