Pets are our passion and we believe that every pet should be apart of the family and live long, healthy and happy lives. We want our own pets to have long lives full of vitality with us and this is why we started the business; to provide optimum nutrition for all pets to live healthier lives.

LittleAngels Pet Nutrition produces raw food for dogs and cats under the Prey Model Raw[PMR] philosophy. We also offer nutritional services such as consultations, meal plans, assistance with medical conditions and nutritional support.

Our production facility is in Ballito, KZN and we are a woman-owned and operated business with an all-female staff component. We take pride in producing a small batch, hand packed product that is off the highest standard for your beloved pet.



This business arose from a need; much like most pet parents we struggled to find a solution to our pets’ myriad issues.

All 4 of our pets have autoimmune conditions [all are rescued from NPOs] and despite being on the ‘best’ dry food they were spending their lives at the vet constantly being dosed with cortisone. We realised this course of treatment is not good for them long-term and started researching other options.

  • Luna – has an autoimmune condition called Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex
  • Lexi – has autoimmune conditions called Pemphagus, IBD and is gluten intolerant.
  • Orion – has an autoimmune condition called IBD
  • Frankie – has an autoimmune condition called Stomatitis and he previously suffered from hotspots

Through our research we realised that we were feeding carnivores incorrectly and this started our journey into the world of pet nutrition.

We started making our pets’ food and after seeing the massive improvements we decided that this needs to be available to other pet parents. Thus, LittleAngels Pet Nutrition was born. Our pets’ conditions are controlled through their diet now with minimal to no flare ups and no need for cortisone treatment.

We have grown from those days of V making 2kg batches every week in her kitchen to now having a factory and staff which produces approximately 400+kg per month. We also do nutritional consultations and offer support to parents worldwide requiring assistance with meal plans or illnesses.

Our products are available in KZN and will soon be available nationwide.

Meet V

Venusha [V for short] is the owner and founder of LittleAngels Pet Nutrition. She holds a BSc. degree in Microbiology and Cellular Biology from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal with course work in Animal Physiology, Biochemistry, Zoology and Animal Anatomy. She has worked in Quality Management roles for small and multinational food companies for years until she discovered her calling. 

Her aim in life is to raise awareness about species appropriate nutrition, so that no pet should suffer from a preventable disease that is caused by the incorrect diet. Her knowledge of pet nutrition has allowed her to become a trusted source in the pet nutrition field, speaking at pet events and being South Africa’s only Pet Nutrition Blogger.

She grew up with dogs and after getting married adopted 3 gorgeous cats from the same litter. Alaska, Grayson and Blizzard unfortunately passed on from feline leukaemia within 4 months of each other, but they are at the heart of everything she does. They are the little angels that the brand is named after as this business is their legacy. Her only regret is that she wished she had known about raw feeding sooner, while it could not have saved Grayson, Alaska and Blizzard, it would have given them a better chance to fight for longer.

V is a full-time member of the business and spends her time within the various aspects of the company.  Her passion is in supporting parents with their pet’s nutritional needs so they do not feel overwhelmed by the complexity of pet nutrition, which she does through her consultation services.